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What is Pre-natal health and why Pre-natal care is important?

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy childbirth is by having a healthy pregnancy. In order to improve the possibilities of a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to get early and regular prenatal care. It is not necessary to start this care after pregnancy is detected as pre-pregnancy care can be planned before the pregnancy happens too. Pre-natal health should be prioritized so the birth of the baby is smooth and the mother’s health isn’t compromised in any way.

What does prenatal care mean?

Pre-natal health monitoring begins when a doctor, nurse or a midwife does regular checkups during the entire duration of a woman’s pregnancy. It is designed to keep the mother’s and the baby’s health under scrutiny and ensure there are no alarming situations as the pregnancy progresses and the day of delivery approaches. Your doctor will monitor the baby’s development, carry out the necessary tests so any future problems can be ironed out quickly. During these checkups, you can clarify your doubts about any doubts or discomfort that you may have and get answers to questions related to your pregnancy and the birth of your baby too.

Pre-pregnancy care

Women can even take the below mentioned steps before they become pregnant:

  • Chart out a plan to manage their reproductive life
  • Increase intake of folic acid to meet the daily requirements
  • Ensure all immunizations are updated
  • Keep medical conditions like diabetes etc. under control
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, drugs and smoking
  • Keep a healthy body weight
  • Address issues like anxiety, depression or any other mental health issues
  • Understand their family health history and their partner’s too

Pre-natal care and how to plan it well

Women who have confirmed that they are pregnant must plan a visit to their doctor or healthcare provider to begin prenatal care. These visits include a thorough physical examination, weight check and urine tests. The doctor may also decide to carry out ultrasound tests or blood tests, depending upon the pregnancy stage. The mother’s health, the fetus’s health and pregnancy related issues are the primary areas of concern during such a visit.

The doctor may suggest some OTC medicines and supplements to help the mother-to-be manage through the next few months. Through pre-pregnancy and pre-natal care, it is possible to prevent complications in the future and the mother is well-informed of how she has to care for herself and the baby, and to move towards a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Prenatal health care helps mothers-to-be to reduce pregnancy relate complications. By following a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and keeping oneself away from second-hand smoke, lead and radiation, it is possible to reduce pregnancy problems and ensure proper fetal health throughout the nine months. Conditions like high or low blood pressure and diabetes are also kept under control and complications are avoided.

With proper pre-natal care, doctors ensure that women take the right kind of medications and supplements for good health of self and the baby. Prenatal health checkups are mandatory and provide proper insight to the fetus’s health, thus keeping the mother and baby safe all through this difficult journey of pregnancy and motherhood. If you are pregnant, make sure your family supports you throughout so your baby is born healthy and safe.

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What is Pre-natal health and why Pre-natal care is important?


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