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Why do we need health supplements?

Our bodies are a gift. A gift that has to be properly maintained. But our body’s health is something we all take for granted. Because of our diet changing significantly to the western diet involving burgers, pizza and all kinds of other junk as well as the pressures of modern society, we lose the nutrients we need for sustaining a healthy body.

The human body goes through multiple changes in a lifetime; therefore, we need supplements, especially if we do not consider making changes in our lifestyle (exercise and eating habits) to adapt.

Particular supplements are required for particular health issues and we need a Life Pharmacy in the UAE online or a supplement store that tackles these health-related issues with their supplements and thankfully there are!

Many health-related issues are almost unavoidable today because of the damage already being done to our bodies. Let’s have a look at all these health issues and see which supplements can be used to tackle health problems.

  1. Immunity- The immunity of a human body is complex and at times difficult for a person to understand but what we do know is Low immunity brings along a wide range of problems and Immunity Supplements that contain Vitamin C, B6, Turmeric- Extracts, etc. are essential to building immunity.
  2. Brain Health- Your brain is the most important organ and to not take notice of your brain health is careless. The modern society brings in a lot of stress and anxiety. Supplements that contain DHA nutrients like Fish Oils, Omega 3 can help with memory, vision and cognitive health and Withanolide glycosides can help with stress and anxiety.
  3. Heart Health- Heart disease is a major cause of death worldwide and is a vital organ that needs to be taken care of. Often, we don’t realize how much our stress and eating habits affect the heart. This is why we have supplements in the market that include Omega-3 or Polyphenols derived from fruits like Pomegranate and Amla that help maintain a healthy heart and good cholesterol levels.
  4. Pre-and-Post Natal- Pre-and Post- Natal health being good are important for both the mother and baby. Vitamin D, DHA supplements, HERBAGUT, etc. are important to help a mother thrive and regain the nutrients that were drawn out during pregnancy.
  5. Blood Sugar- Blood sugar is used for energy and your body containing sugar beyond the safe range increases risks of health problems. BCM-95, polyphenols, HERBAGUT, etc. can improve blood sugar metabolism and maintain a healthy level of blood sugar.
  6. Antioxidants- Antioxidants are necessary for the prevention of slow damage to cells. We need to make sure that no damage caused by oxidation is excessive. Supplements that contain Red spinach extracts, bioactive polyphenols, Vitamin A, E, etc. help to reduce oxidative stress.
  7. Blood Lipids- Having high levels of lipids increases rocks of heart disease because they simply refer to high levels of fat in the blood. BCM-95, Omega-3, Flaxseed oil, etc. are some supplements that help regulate the level of blood lipid and support cardiovascular health.

Vitamins help fill in the gap in the lifestyle and diet and there are many Vitamin C offers in Dubai. All supplements need to be taken at a regulated level because too much of anything good can lead to additional problems. It is important to be responsible for our choices, especially when it comes to our health because we are nothing without a healthy body and these supplements can be the help you need on the journey of a healthy mind and body.

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Why do we need health supplements?


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