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How to boost your immune health against acute diseases

Having a healthy immune system is no small task. A strong immune system is crucial to fight off illnesses and various infections.

As such there are a variety of vitamins and minerals you need to ensure that your immune system is at its best. The term ashwagandha can be translated to mean “like a horse,” which is a nod to its natural horse-like smell. Taking ashwagandha capsules in the form of herbal supplements can be a way to avoid its smell.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need regular exercise, plenty of water, and sleep. But increasing your intake of vitamins through vitamin supplements can be quite beneficial. Here are a few items that aid in better overall health and in fighting disease.


The ancient ayurvedic plant, ashwagandha has been touted to offer many different health benefits. The benefits of ashwagandha include its potential to reduce blood sugar levels, possible anticancer properties, and promising effects in reducing cortisol.

Ashwagandha could also reduce stress and help with depression. It could also help with boosting testosterone and fertility in men.


Curcumin is the active compound present in turmeric. Curcumin has many health benefits such as its potential anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Curcumin has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease and improved brain function.

Since curcumin is not very concentrated in turmeric, taking a curcumin dietary supplement can help you get its benefits.


Omega-3 is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties but according to researchers, it has the potential to help the immune system by improving white blood cell function. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to combating autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes, arthritis, and psoriasis.

If you don't have enough omega-3 in your daily diet, consider taking omega-3 supplements.

Vitamin C

Known for its ability to fight colds, vitamin C is needed for having healthy white blood cells. Along with improving your immune system, vitamin C can also help reduce inflammation.

Fruits like grapefruit, cranberries, and gooseberry are prime sources of vitamin C. Gooseberry, or as it’s known in India as Amla, is especially rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Doctors recommend taking vitamin C supplements daily.

Vitamin B6

Also called pyridoxine, vitamin B6 is a vitamin that your body needs but cannot produce. There are many benefits of vitamin B6 including its potential ability to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, improve brain function, prevent anemia, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Since we can’t produce vitamin B6, we get it from external sources like food or dietary supplements.

Foods like turkey, chickpeas, and potatoes are sources of vitamin B6 but if you feel your diet is lacking you can always take vitamin B6 supplements. Moringa, a popular superfood, is known for its rich vitamin B6 content.

To have a strong immune system, having a healthy diet and lifestyle is critical. In case you ever find yourself not getting the recommended doses of your daily nutrients, taking a dietary supplement can help cover all your bases.

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How to boost your immune health against acute diseases


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