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Your complete guide to “What and why” while buying Omega-3 supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids are highly beneficial for our health. One of the best ways to get enough Omega-3 for our body is by adding whole foods like fatty fish to our diet. However, if you are unable to consume such foods, it will be a good idea to consider taking Omega-3 supplements to get its health benefits.

But with so many brands and varieties available, the buyer is spoilt for choice and it is difficult to select the right one. Since not all have similar health benefits so how does one choose the best brand of omega 3 supplement and reap its advantages for better health? Read this comprehensive guide which explains everything you would want to know about Omega-3 supplements. It will also help you to make an informed decision while buying Omega-3 supplements.

Omega 3 is available in many forms and can be classified into natural and processed forms. It is possible that processing can affect the fatty acid form, since some forms can be absorbed better than other forms. Check this out:

In whole fish, Omega-3 fatty acids can be found as triglycerides, free fatty acids and phospholipids while in fish oil, these Omega-3 fatty acids are present as triglycerides. On refining fish oils, often the triglycerides are converted into ethyl esters which helps in tweaking the concentration of EPA and DHA present in the oil.

Omega 3 supplements are available in capsules or liquid in the following forms:

  • Natural Fish oil: Common sources are salmon, cod liver, sardines and herring
  • Processed Fish Oil: Available in the form of triglycerides and ethyl ester.
  • Krill Oil: Found in Antarctic Krill, a shrimp-like animal
  • Green-lipped Mussel oil: The mussel is native to New Zealand and is the source of this oil
  • Mammalian Oil: It is made from seal blubber
  • Algal oil: This is made from marine or microalgae and contains iodine too

What should you look for while choosing the right Omega 3 supplements for you and your family?

  1. Purity and Authenticity: Make sure the products you purchase have the relevant approvals and authentication from approved authorities. Government approvals and third-party seals indicate that the manufacturers follow the safety norms and the product contains the ingredients as mentioned on the label.
  2. Omega-3 type: Most Omega-3 supplements do not contain or have little DHA and EPA, the most important variants of Omega-3. While choosing your pick, make sure your brand of supplement contains EPA and DHA and check if it has been mentioned on the packaging.
  3. Omega-3 Form: Omega-3 in the form of Free Fatty Acids (FFA), TG (Triglycerides), rTG (reverse Triglycerides or Phospholipids (PLs) are ideal for absorption instead of Ethyl ester (EE). Your brand should contain the above so check before you buy.
  4. Omega-3 Quantity: While buying the best omega-3 supplement in Dubai, check if the quantity mentioned on the packaging is detailed. For example, if your supplement mentions 1000 mg of fish oil per capsule, make sure EPA and DHA are high in quantity.
  5. Check for Freshness: Make sure you check the date of manufacture and best before date (expiry) while buying any Omega-3 supplements. This is important since Omega-3 can smell foul when they go bad and could be harmful to your health.

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Your complete guide to “What and why” while buying Omega-3 supplements


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