We are launching soon in Dubai.
At Vivante, we aim to bring innovative, high-potency health supplements to the market and enhance people’s life by helping them to feel their best, healthier and happier. We are born of a dream to harness the power of ancient traditional botanical heritage into smart convenient solutions for daily wellbeing and we constantly strive to create new products for people to achieve significant lifestyle changes. It’s our passion to help you live a vibrant, powerful, healthy life and we invite you to explore our products. Sourcing smart natural solutions for you.
At Gardeno, we use nature's best nutrients for our health supplements. We care about having the right ingredients at the right purity, potency and concentration in our formulations. Our products are made of 100% pure herbs and NON-GMO plant ingredients, obtained via unique extraction process using solar energy that maintains the integrity and potency of each herb, to fully deliver all the natural benefits the way nature intended. Nurturing life, the natural way.